Keep track of your relations

Log communications, store contact data and notes.

\t\t Events

\t\t The foundation in dahut.tech's CRM system is events. An event is an interaction with a customer, \t\t supplier or an other contact. You decide yourself what should be logged in an event. Perhaps \t\t you want to know if the interaction was a phone call, meeting or email. Perhaps you want to \t\t write a note about the meeting or connect the event with a contact, account or project.

\t\t Contacts

\t\t It's easy to store contact information about your customers or accounts. You decide yourself \t\t what to show and what to store. A simple way of connecting an event with which coworker had \t\t the event, or with what customer.

\t\t Reports

\t\t Of course it is easy to get reports to follow key figures. Together we make sure that \t\t you've the reports you need to be able to run your company. For example, how many \t\t phone calls are made this year, how many emails has been sent, etc.

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